Looking to do a transfer? Here is how we can help.

FFL Transfer Services

Our inbound and outbound FFL gun transfer services are fast and competitively priced. We take the hassle out of shipping firearms through the FFL Transfer Process.

FFL Transfer Policies

  • All FFL requests must be made by a valid FFL license holder (transferring FFL dealer).
  • Per our company's policy we require that the transferring FFL must make initial contact with Chester County Outdoors requesting our FFL.
  • Chester County Outdoors requires a valid FFL to be emailed with the initial request of our FFL.
  • We will not send our FFL information without a request made by the transferring FFL first - FOR EVERY TRANSFER .
  • No FFLs will be given to private persons for personal firearm shipments.
  • When transferring a firearm to Chester County Outdoors please include with the firearm a copy of your FFL along with a Bill of Sale.
  • The bill of sale should include the customer's information, including name and phone number, along with gun information like make, model, serial number, and date of purchase.
  • All requests made for Chester County Outdoors FFL will be responded to the same or next business day. If for any reason the FFL has not been received by the end of the business day after the request was made please contact chestercountyoutdoors@gmail.com.

FFL Request

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